May 14, 2013

  • Fabric Fail

    We had a nice Mother’s Day here yesterday. I spent a restless night sleeping on the couch because we arrived too late on Saturday night for me to inflate the air mattress topper on my side of the bed and I really need it to be able to sleep in comfort. Lina got up and made a great breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs, sausages, orange juice, and hash browns.

    We didn’t make it to the first service at church, but we were there in time for the second service. After lunch, I had a glorious nap while the kids went shopping for supper ingredients. They also brought me some lovely flowers and some cheese. Yes. Cheese. I do believe I prefer cheese to chocolate.

    We made my favorite salad for dinner–the one with the spinach and the chicken and the feta cheese and bacon and strawberries and walnuts. It’s gluten free! And so was our dessert of fruit and ice cream.

    Today I had to do the big shopping at Walmart, and then we made some cupcakes for 4H because we couldn’t remember if we had signed up to take food or not! We had to be at the 4H meeting early because it was a surprise farewell party for my friend Tammie, who is stepping down as our leader. We took the big black foam board I had got and some silver markers for people to write notes to Tammie. What we didn’t take was the cupcakes! But that was all right–there was plenty of other food.

    It was a nice party and I got a lot of knitting done. 4H seems to be my best knitting time! It was the last meeting of the school year, where new officers are elected. To Lucy’s horror, she was nominated for secretary and voted in. I believe she will someday be glad for this experience!

    I returned home to find a box in my sewing room. Apparently the fabric for Mary’s wedding dress had been delivered over the weekend while I was gone. The only problem is that I ordered two kinds of fabric: chiffon and satin. The chiffon is exactly what I wanted and I am happy with it. The other fabric is most certainly not satin. In fact it is cotton gauze–something completely different and not suitable for this wedding dress. So, tomorrow morning I go to the fabric store to see if they have some satin I can use, and I also send back the overpriced and useless gauze!


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