May 18, 2013

  • Into Darkness

    Today was a struggle as I am still fighting a cold–but I believe I am finally winning, so let’s hope I can make up for lost time on the wedding preparations.

    The big event of the day for me was going with Lina to see Star Trek Into Darkness this afternoon. We are HUGE Star Trek fans here and had been looking forward to this movie with great anticipation.

    We weren’t disappointed. The only problem is that I can’t discuss it in detail because I wouldn’t want to spoil any of the delightful surprises for anyone else. So all I can do is complain about one thing, and that is that we were forced to watch the movie in 3D because that was all that was showing at the time we were free to go. I know I’m an old fuddy-duddy, but 3D really annoys me most of the time. It’s so irritating to have parts of the screen out of focus so much of the time. I would really like to see this movie again in good old 2D!

    Mercy has been gone almost all day helping a friend celebrate her birthday. One of the things this involved was making a cake. She made a cake and then split it into two layers. Between the layers went a layer of ice cream, so it looked like a giant ice cream sandwich until I put the icing on it. I hope the birthday girl liked it!

    My brother Matt called me this evening. Since my brothers very rarely contact me, it is a huge deal when I get a phone call from one of them. Even better is the news that all three of my brothers will be at Mary’s wedding, and that two of them will be driving their motorcycles down from Indiana and Ohio to be here!

    Mary and Spencer are at a concert bonding over music. Hope no one gets hurt this time–Spencer’s hand and wrist finally seem to be fully healed!

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  • I absolutely agree with you about 3D movies. My eyes never get used to it through the whole movie and I end up feeling like I’m watching through someone else’s glasses. It might give me a few cool moments but mostly it just keeps me from getting sucked into the story like I want to.
    Keep feeling better!

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