May 15, 2013

  • Ripped Off

    Well, it was the second disappointing day in a row. Just before lunchtime, I checked into my online banking in order to record some transactions, and I saw a transaction that made my eyes almost pop out of my head. Supposedly I had bought something from yesterday for $495! Naturally, I was concerned. I called Best Buy and they claimed they had no idea what I was talking about.

    So I went to the credit union, because I had something else I needed to talk to them about anyway. I had a few questionable charges on my other account. Turns out, I had to cancel my debit card on that account. They recommended that I call Best Buy again and see if I could find something out.

    I came home and spent over an hour on the phone with Best Buy. This time they were able to find the transaction, which had taken place on Monday right here in town. The person who made the purchase didn’t even pretend to be me. Then, he/she picked up the merchandise later (10 minutes later!!!), which shouldn’t have been possible because you’re supposed to show photo ID and also the card used to make the purchase when you pick it up.

    So, what I was told was that I had to report the whole thing to the police here in town, but that first I should cancel my debit card (the one that I hadn’t already cancelled.) So, I may actually have to resort to writing checks for the next couple of weeks. Then there ensued a conversation with a very nice policewoman who took down my information.

    I’m not at all sure when I might get my money back. I was reassured, however, when the policewoman called back a couple of hours later. They had got Best Buy to tell them the exact time of the transaction and the exact time the order had been picked up. They wanted to let me know that they had sent an officer to Best Buy to pick up the surveillance tapes that covered the time in question. So, maybe they will be able to nail the person who did this to me. Meanwhile, I lost at least three hours out of my day and it was miserable.

    Still fighting a cold, still trying to sew, doing some housework here and there.

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